The Helltreaders

Ride the snake

  • Legion is a thought to be invincible guardian of a inner sanctum in the Temple of Profane Sorrow
  • Arabel wants the Tears of Shar plant so that she can restore Neeva’s free will.
  • Sharess may agree to share knowledge with the party, and Triss recommends the party retrieve Neeva and Freugion to help their case

Session summary:

The party “decided” to pursue the “Helpful Goddess” lead, which brought them to a festhall where Sharess herself is in attendance.

They arrive and are granted access after showing the bracelet they received from Du’Cell. They are led through the Festhall to a private chamber occupied by a group of people that are apparently in a perpetual state of bliss. These are Sharess’s enthralled; mortals who in their excessive pride sought an audience with Sharess thinking that they could charm her and she would become infatuated with them, but ending up surrendering their will to her when her charms stripped away their sanity

Next they meet Triss, the high priestess of the temple. She dances around the obvious presence of her mistress, but is eventually told by Sharess (via soft breeze) that she may indeed audience with the Helltreaders in a few nights.

Triss tells the party they can help their case by retrieving Neeva and Freugion, two of Sharess’s enthralled who were taken by Arabel, Neeva’s sister. The party leaves and investigates Arabell. They discover that she has recently returned from the temple of profane sorrow. The party also learns that Arabel is Raki’s sister (Raki was the spy Halbarad sent to follow the party in Peran. The party easily caught him, but when they attempted to convince Raki to feed false information back to Halbarad, he refused, even upon the threat of death. The party killed him, and later encountered his vengeful spirit in hell, right before the party faced Lydia. They convinced Raki to forgive them, and he disappeared to an unknown fate).

At Arabel’s house, the party has a tense conversation with Arabel and it is revealed that she took Neeva in the hopes of restoring her free will. She took Freugion thinking he may have information about Legion, the invincible guardian of the temple of profane sorrow, but Fruegion can only babble about meeting the Goddess. Arabel traveled to the temple in the hopes of retrieving the petals of a tears of shar plant. It is said that this rare plant grows only at the sites where blood is spilt in betrayal, and it is thought to be one of the few things capable of restoring the free will of one enthralled by Sharess.

The party states that they will attempt to retrieve the tears of Shar, and leaves Freugion and Neeva at Arabel’s. The party gathers info on the Temple of Profane Sorrow and Legion and performs extremely well:

Temple of Profane Sorrow: Many thousands of years ago Olmar, a fire giant of legendary skill in architecture and artifice was tasked by Zehir, the god of assassins and serpents, to build the temple. When it was completed Zehir slew Olmar so that no other temple could be made like it. Before he was killed Olmar grew suspicious of Zehir, and so he constructed a protector out of impenetrable armor, and imbued it with the ability to absorb the souls of those it kills in battle (hence the name). Although Legion failed to protect Olmar, it is still bound to the temple, and slays all who approach the inner sanctum. By this point it contains thousands of souls

Legion has never been defeated, though there are scattered tales of someone landing a lucky blow and it apparently being damaged. Most tales say that weapon strikes just bounce harmlessly off it.

Legion is indominable: If an effect can end with a save, the colossus does not suffer from it. The colossus is immune to all forced movement. If it suffers from an effect that ends at the end of a creatures turn, the effect ends at the end of the colossus’s next turn.

A bard tells you that the souls within it still have their personalities intact, and the creature often argues with itself while fighting. It seems that the souls constantly vie for control of Legion

A band of dwarven fighters remained in Velena after the Hellmarch and were certain that they knew how to destroy it, as they had a similar legend in ages past. They left town laden with water skins and a keg of fresh water, but were never heard from again.

The party ventures to the Temple of Profane Sorrow and discovers that it has already been repopulated by the Yuan-ti followers of Zehir. Fresh symbols indicate that the temple is in the process of being re-consecrated by the Yuan-ti. In one of the ensuing encounters, the party is also attacked by a human assassin. After defeating her they find a Zehir tattoo on her body and identify her as a member of the Deep shadows assassin gang (the party previously encountered them as they were tasked with assassinating Dylena, the Dutchess of Peran). Although a follower of Zehir would be welcome by the Yuan-ti, this particular assassin, when not being dazed out of her mind, displayed a disturbing familiarity with the party tactics.

The party reaches a ruined section of the temple where a narrow ledge crosses a chasm and a hallway branches to the east. Here a Yuan-ti of some status offers to allow the party to venture into the section of the temple where Legion resides in exchange for not attacking them and not attempting to reach whatever is down the east corridor. They party insights that they must have arrived at a critical stage of the temple consecration rites, and that the Yuan-ti is sincere in his offer (as he believes that Legion will kill the party). The party successfully bluffs the Yuan-ti into believing that they have accepted offer, but really they just agree so that they can ideally position themselves. In the ensuing combat, the Yuan-ti is killed before he can take a single action.

The party wins and then ventures down the east hall. In a chamber there they find a masked captive bound to a stone altar…



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