The Helltreaders

meeting 5!!!

The party decides to use the tears of Shar bulb on Freugion. Arabel leaves Neeva at the temple and casts out to find another tears of Shar plant and doesn’t like the party very much.
Fruegion comes out of his blissful stupor, and is at first ambivalent about being released from perpetual bliss, but soon regains his normal personality.
A discussion ensues, in which he relates the following:
· Lothering: When the Sevelda Clan was granted noble status just over a thousand years ago, they built a castle to serve as their home. This is a source of some embarrassment to the current generation of Seveldas as it was built in a place of no strategic importance, cost too much to build, and was generally regarded as a clumsy attempt to gain the trappings of nobility, but only served to demonstrate how unsophisticated the Sevelda clan was. It has since fallen into disrepair
· Vesemir: Freugion researched the Sevelda clan since your run-ins with Ezren and Mercentius were important events. The birth of Vesemir Sevelda is recorded, but Freugion found no records about him ever since.
· Druids: The druids rarely allow outsiders into the grove, for they deem all who come from the ordered places to be polluted. He does not know about the madness, or the sightings of the “Mad Mage”
· Sashra: No knowledge, save for that many an adventurer is thought to have perished trying to pass through her caves. Double-entendre unintentional
· Alevar’s Chalice: Its original name is lost to history, but it is said to have been forged ages ago in the time before the gods imparted the magical arts upon mortals. Before the rise of the cities, Erathis was a weak god, for all inhabitants of this plane lived in tiny bands and warred constantly. Eventually a powerful leader united enough tribes that he was able to pacify enough land and peoples to establish the first cities. It was a long and bloody endeavor, but in honing the art of war, and in planting the seeds of civilization, both Garagos and Erathis grew in power. To reward this hero they forged the chalice, and since then many a crusade has been launched to claim it. Freugion doubts its existence. Many a forgery has been created. A thousand years ago it was thought that the Sevelda Clan had successfully retrieved it, but their own Patriarch (Blakkan Sevelda) announced it was a forgery. For his honesty King Itheus’s great ancestor granted the Sevelda house noble status, and the fake chalice became their house symbol.
As Lothering castle is on the way to the Enduring Forest, the party decides to check it out. They note that it is indeed built in an unusual place, and seems to have no purpose (and must have been tremendously expensive to build). Large parts of it have collapsed but the party eventually finds a stairway in that has a constant flow of mist flowing out.
The party enters and Voronwe’s keen senses immediately detect the presence of two Blighted treants and some harpies. The party defeats the monsters and finds nothing on them.
In the same room the party discovers are glowing set of runes that were made to attract monsters to Lothering. The party also finds that a hole was built into the floor of this room, but the roof above it was intentionally collapsed to seal it off.
Finally the party finds that a cauldron was spewing out the mist, and this was giving the monsters here some combat bonuses.
Through the next door the party encounters a band of Cyclops. In the ensuing combat the Cyclops successfully draw the party into a kill zone, and they are totally about to pull off an insane maneuver that will see the party struggling to survive turn to turn when… the party pulls of a switcheroo and darkness combo that shuts down the Cyclops battle plan. Epic smackdown ensues.
The party finds 2,500gp and Kalkanesh’s level 15 bracers (or something).
The party finds a chapel that was apparently never used. It must have been built to keep up appearances, but evidently the Sevalda’s of that time worshiped no gods.
In the next room the party discovers a Blighter druid, some monstrous wolves and some seemingly innocent captives. In the ensuing battle Voronwe manages to set Isaac on fire. The captives turn out to be death hags, a twist so novel that Jay faints in surprise. The party prevails and the session ends.



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